We recommend you these trips:


The Žižka square, The Museum (The original Town Hall), The Catacombs (The town's stone medieval cellars), The Church Towe, The Castle Tower Kotnov, The Monastery and The Church at Klokoty, The valley of the river Lužnice, The dam Jordán, The Botanic Garden, The observations flights, The swimming pool


Tábor - The bridge of Žďákov, The Chateau of Orlík, The dam Orlík, The castle of Zvíkov, The town of Písek


Tábor - The Chateau of Červená Lhota, The castle of Kámen (the museum of motor bikes), The town of Pelhřimov


Tábor - The Chateau of Hluboká (Windsor architecture), The chateau of Ohrada, The town of České Budějovice


Tábor - The town of Jidřichův Hradec (The museum of the singer Emad Destin and the unique wood moving Bethlehem), the town of Slavonice, the town of Třeboň, the ponds and lakes of Frahlž


Tábor - The town of Behyně (the health resort, the castel, the ceramic museum, the bridge with a nice view of the walley of the river Lužnice


Tábor - The town of Český Krumlov (the second bigest castle in Bohemie), the town of Vyšší Brod (the monastery), the dam Lipno


Tábor - Praha (the distance 100 km, the journcey by car takes about one hour) - the direction to the centre of PRAGUE - on the right side Pankrác

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